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The Importance of Insightful Questions
  Everyone has heard how important it is to ask questions in an initial sales call. Not only can the answers provide insight and direction, but the act of questioning allows the customer to talk freely. Remember, no one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to buy.Here are ten questions we think are very powerful, and in parentheses, the reasoning behind why they are important. 1. What has...
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Top Metrics

Ever wonder what organizations are using to measure their sales teams? Well, there are literally hundreds of metrics we have seen organizations use. Some organizations just go too far, others leave revenue and profit as the dominant measures. As necessary as those are, check out this list that highlights the primary FINANCIAL, ACTIVITY and CUSTOMER measures organizations are using.




Building a Sales Excellence Initiative

Many organizations are getting serious about improving the overall effectiveness of their sales teams.  Host Nancy Sutherland interviews sales excellence expert Carlos Quintero on what Sales Excellence initiatives are and the initial steps you should follow to get an initiative started in your organization.


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