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The Anatomy of a Great Sales Question
The Anatomy of a Great Sales Question  Many salespeople, once they are past the first few months in their career, quickly realize that good questioning is a cornerstone of their ongoing success. That is, the more and better questions they can ask, the more likely prospects are to open up and look to you for the right solution. In that way, it's much easier to sell by listening than it is...
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Ever wonder what organizations are using to measure their sales teams? Well, there are literally hundreds of metrics we have seen organizations use. Some organizations just go too far, others leave revenue and profit as the dominant measures. As necessary as those are, check out this list that highlights the primary FINANCIAL, ACTIVITY and CUSTOMER measures organizations are using.




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Questioning is the most essential skill of a sales professional. Master facilitator Bruce Hoelzen shares insights on the most important types of questions and how their effective use will shorten your sales cycles. Listen to how these high impact questions can make a difference in your or your salespeople's success.



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