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Practice, Practice, and Practice Again
Dedicated practice time is critical - are you on skills life support?   Think about it. Football players practice all week for a two-hour meeting on the playing field. Basketball players practice every day for 60 minutes of game time. We all know a champion is more successful because of the unbridled commitment to preparation. According to psychologist K. Anders Ericsson, one of the lead...
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Ever wonder what organizations are using to measure their sales teams? Well, there are literally hundreds of metrics we have seen organizations use. Some organizations just go too far, others leave revenue and profit as the dominant measures. As necessary as those are, check out this list that highlights the primary FINANCIAL, ACTIVITY and CUSTOMER measures organizations are using.




Planning Effective Sales Meetings

Sales Meetings can play a significant role in motivating and aligning the sales force. Host Carlos Quintero interviews sales meeting expert Kris Hammett on best practices she has learned on designing and implementing superior sales meetings.



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