10 Sales Strategies for Today’s Markets

In today’s market everyone wants to know … Are you going to make your number?

Today’s markets are ever changing.  Economic conditions are in flux and competitive forces continually challenge our approaches to growth.  This whitepaper looks at what senior executives are doing to manage the many challenges they face.  What is a downturn for some are upturns for others.

To gain insight on how sales leaders are responding to today’s challenges, we tracked down sales executives from 14 national and regional companies to see what they are doing to rev up their company’s performance. These companies included manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Our objective was to learn, and through this article, share insights that might be helpful to executives in allindustries.

In nearly all cases we spoke with the organization’s Senior Sales Officer, veterans who manage multi-million dollar lines of businesses. They agreed to be interviewed provided we maintained confidentiality. Therefore, while we quote those interviewed, the quotes are provided anonymously.

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