11 Rules of Great Sales Professionals: Rules 1 and 2

Rules. What are rules? The dictionary gives the word ‘rules’ several meanings:

• A prescribed guide for conduct or action
• An authoritative statement of what to do or not to do
• An official regulation, code of regulations or set practice

As students of the sales profession for 25+ years, we are always being asked what good salespeople look like, and in fact have written three books highlighting our research on what top sales professionals do. Study these rules and embrace them fully if you want to excel. Over each of the next four blogs, we will highlight two or three of these rules. As you review them, we encourage you to identify one idea you can put into practice right away.


RULE # 1

Your Positivity and Optimism are integral to succeed in the sales profession. Salespeople with the right mindset have a chance to thrive, and mindset in many cases is what customers look for instinctively.

Your commitment to excel and your energy are contagious because they drive people to you. Isn’t it better to be the type of sales pro where customers come to you instead of the other way around?
Positivity and Optimism are the foundation. Resilience, persistence and perseverance power your journey. Nurture your mindsets daily so that they become habit.

What habits of thought are you cultivating?


RULE # 2

Creating a personal vision for yourself is inspiring because it sets the stage for what you want to be as a sales professional. Your own personal vision is the key to unlocking your potential. Aspire and dream in order to drive your future.

Vision is also transformative for your customers. Create a ‘buying vision’ that helps the customer visualize what the future can be working with you. Keep it steady and foremost in your mind as it will attract that which you and your customers imagine.

What future do you envision?