Linkedin: Unique Ways of Reaching Out To Prospects – Part 3

In this week’s post, we offer some ideas for reaching out to prospective clients in a personal and engaging manner.


When reaching out to new leads, don’t just focus on your particular niche – look beyond. Try to approach people who are working outside your specific area of the industry in order to achieve a wider reach. As we mentioned before, the building materials industry has many niche markets, but your range of prospects widens when you consider dealers, distributors and individuals outside your immediate field. Developing new clients often means meeting them through connections, and adding depth in the range of your connections can net you unexpected contacts.

Reaching Out With Strategy andMessaging

1 – When you send out an InMail message, always write a customized message. Address the person by name and mention something that makes them realize that what you wrote was just for them. Consider starting the conversation by focusing on mutual interests, mutual contacts or current industry news. You will get the person’s attention straight away and can begin a conversation based on mutual contacts or interests.

2 – When contacting others try to highlight 3 things that you find particularly interesting or valuable about their business.  Show that you did some research on them and didn’t approach them straight away with a canned message. Everyone loves to hear positive remarks about their company, and this sets a good foundation and tone for the conversation.

3 – When you publish content make sure you do it in an engaging way. For example, your final sentence could be a question. Invite people to share their opinions, thoughts and experiences on the topic you discussed. This will allow you to get valuable feedback from your readers who might turn into prospective clients. Listen to their comments and start a conversation! It’s all about the engagement.

4 – Send an email to those people who checked out your profile. You could write something like this ‘I noticed that you checked out my profile recently, is there anything I can do for you?’ Don’t try to sell them straight away, or mention what you have to offer, instead be of help and support and do it first for free.

Later on you might also consider using DirectAds. In this case it’s important that your website has a landing page which sells something directly or allows you to collect peoples’ contact details when they sign up for something that you offer. If you already have a landing page, go straight to the DirectAd function and set up an ad.

The more knowledgeable you are on using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, the better. You might come across new leads in a quicker, more efficient and effective way. Look at other peoples’ strategies and experiences and ask yourself in what way you can apply a similar approach. We all know that ignoring social media these days will mean losing out on a big share of clients. Use these tips and start generating more leads now! Don’t forget that the key to success lies in engagement and consistency!