Rules. What are rules? The dictionary gives the word ‘rules’ several meanings:

• A prescribed guide for conduct or action
• An authoritative statement of what to do or not to do
• An official regulation, code of regulations or set practice

As students of the sales profession for 25+ years, we are always being asked what good salespeople look like, and in fact have written three books highlighting our research on what top sales professionals do. Study these rules and embrace them fully if you want to excel. This is Blog #5, where we highlight the final set of rules. We hope that you have found these useful and thought provoking. As you review them, we encourage you to identify one idea you can put into practice right away.


RULE # 10
Know Your Numbers

Have 2-3 leading activity measures that drive your behavior, as they are your scorecards for growth and for staying on track. We keep track of our weight and medical numbers to stay healthy. We establish goals that are specific so that we can assess progress. Similarly the best salespeople have a few measures they rely on, as achieving those activities ultimately yields the type of financial results they are seeking.

What are you measuring?


RULE # 11

In today’s complex sale, you can only succeed with the help of others. Customers seek sales pros who are agile, who genuinely empathize, who listen more than they talk, who influence by challenging in a collaborative way, side-by-side, as peers. Call on as many influencers and decision makers as you can in order to build buy-in, likeability and commitment.

Internally, take care of and champion your team. They will do things you never imagined they could do. Involve them actively. Tap their energies and orchestrate the resources you need to win.


And Never Forget………MAKE FAMILY FIRST

The impact you have on the lives of those you love and in turn yours is immeasurable.

Considering the helter-skelter world we live in, it is easy to take those close to you for granted, to believe they always have your back, and most of the time they do.

Nurturing your family takes effort. Sales pros commit to family and to those they love first, because it profoundly influences their state of mind and well-being each and every day.

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