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Podcast 8 – Reducing the SILOS Between Marketing and Sales

Many people believe that the role of marketing is primarily to create demand, while the role of the sales force is to meet that demand and build loyal long-term relationships. The truth is that both Marketing and Sales do much more than that. Unfortunately in many companies, silos exist between both organizations. Host Carlos Quintero interviews marketing professional Mike Wien to discuss this important issue and what both organizations can do to leverage each other’s talents to accelerate growth and work more effectively in support of the customer.

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Doing Research Prior to a Call – The Big Differentiator!

Doing Research Prior to a Call – The Big Differentiator!

Imagine it is your first call to a potential customer and the first question you ask is: “Mr. Smith, please tell me about your business.” What message does that communicate to the potential customer?

You won’t believe how many salespeople start their calls this way. They believe it is a good question because it encourages the customer to talk about something they know a lot about. Most customers see it differently, though. More often than not, the customer sees it as the salesperson not having done their homework prior to the call, and that s/he now has to invest valuable time educating you.

What if instead you were to say: “Mr. Smith, I visited 3 of your job sites this week and I noticed that (insert something you noticed), what positive impact is that having on your business?” See the difference?

And it all comes as a result of research.

I recognize that research at a job site may not be practical in many cases. But there is no excuse for not researching the customer on the web. Check out their website to see how they present themselves. If they are a public company, look up their annual report either on their site or at – you won’t believe all that you can learn about the company as they report to the public and shareholders.

A must is to check out LinkedIn. Most larger companies have LinkedIn profiles today. I always see if the person I am calling on has a LinkedIn profile to better understand how long they have been with their current employer and some anecdotes about them. What you learn can set the stage for a powerful conversation.

If you want to be a Rainmaker, differentiate yourself by being diligent about your research prior to the call. It will definitely set you apart!

Happy Selling!
Carlos Quintero

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Podcast 7 – Leveraging Your Best Client Relationships

Salespeople are often lone rangers and they take it upon themselves to find and develop business opportunities. Research has shown that the best salespeople are masters at leveraging the relationships they already have to gain advantage with new prospects. In this podcast, Carlos Quintero interviews sales consultant, Bob O’Brien, who describes what selected organizations are doing to leverage their success stories, and how to create an online library of your best client experiences.

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