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The Power Of A Testimonial Library

The Power of a Testimonial Library


You are surfing the clothing offerings of an online retailer. You know your size, but without a dressing room, how will you avoid a bad purchase? Most of us head straight to the reviews and what ‘people are saying’ section.

In the age where the internet floods every market with thousands of options, your company and products gain an edge on the competition by providing personal customer encounters that build trust and help others claim the benefit you can provide to them. You can do this with a well-rounded Testimonial Library!

To build your library, you must first develop a strong habit of requesting feedback from happy customers. All testimonials should include:

  • the value the customer gets doing business with you and your company
  • the benefits of your product or service
  • the advice your customer would give to other potential buyers

Here are three strategies for securing those vital words of praise and recommendation on a regular basis:

  1. Call your happy customer directly and ask: “Mr. Customer, I am calling my best customers to determine where we can improve.  May I ask you a few questions?”  Assuming the customer says yes, then ask:  “What do you like most about working with me/us? “ After the customer shares what they value, ask permission to use their feedback by saying: “Do I have your permission to use your comments in our materials?”
  2. Record a customer’s comments via video on your phone. At the moment your customer is most pleased, ask politely if you may record a short interview to be shared with other potential customers. You can use the three topics in all testimonials in the paragraph above to guide the interview.
  3. Reach out to inactive customers. If you identify favorable statements in their responses, ask if these phrases may be used. This approach allows for more detailed questions about company values, product durability, and repeat purchasing.

Once you have collected a substantial number of statements, begin to sort them, in whole or by quotes, into your library categories. Then, use them when working with every new prospect.  You will feel the burden of persuading interested parties lift off of your shoulders, and instead, be easily carried by the strong words of your clients!

Happy Selling!

Podcast 11 – Audience Analysis

Too many sales pros invest significant effort in crafting a message about their product and their company.  Presentations expert Marty Mercer shares valuable tips on how to analyze your audience FIRST, before preparing and delivering your presentation.

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The Power of WHY – From a Customer’s Perspective

You’ve probably heard it suggested that, when it comes to buying,  we’re all walking around listening to the same radio station, WIIFM, which stands for “What’s In It For ME?”

As a sales person, though, the most important question you will ever be asked is… “Why should I do business with YOU?”

The key word here is WHY.

Do you have an appropriate, well-thought-out response?

Without being able to answer the WHY, you are simply another commodity and will almost always lose out to a lower price.

In order to effectively answer WHY, you must first understand the conversation that is going on inside the customer’s head:

  • What can this person and organization do better than we can do ourselves?
  • How can they help me improve my business?
  • What creative insights do they bring that we have not thought about?
  • What results have they had in organizations like mine?
  • What additional value do they offer beyond what everyone else offers?
  • How can they help me compete?
  • What will be our return on investment if we proceed with this decision?
  • How easy are they to do business with?
  • How flexible and agile are they?

By answering these questions ahead of time, you will be able present yourself in such a way that clearly and unmistakably answers the question… “Why should I do business with YOU?”

Very few salespeople, managers…and businesses in general… spend the time and effort to come up with a powerful, dynamic, compelling, seductive, hypnotic and irresistible answer to that question.

But…if you do…..if you are able to articulate that clearly and powerfully, then you will find that the answer to the question becomes the core drumbeat of your message, and sales will begin to take on a life of its own.   We all know it is not easy.  It takes effort.  It requires clear thinking.  It requires conviction. And that can then make you a Rainmaker!

Think about it.   And Good Selling!