Growth-Driven Sales Culture

Podcast with Burke Allen – Episode 1

We continue our series about Culture and the impact Culture has in organizations. Today we share the first of two podcasts about Culture that were completed with Burke Allen. Burke is the co-founder of Novologic, a culture agency based in Atlanta. Burke and his team are helping organizations get serious about culture. Burke defines culture this way: “Culture is everything and everything is culture; how you interact with one another, how decisions are made, how you prioritize, how solutions are uncovered and how rewards are determined.”

In essence, Culture is the foundation, and because organizations today are often fragmented and distracted in light of accelerating change at all levels, culture becomes even more important.

Burke is a premier thought-leader about Culture. You will certainly sense his passion. And interesting how he ultimately embraced the title: Culture Creator!

Burke has concluded that Culture is the REAL differentiator for companies and his view, as ours, is that culture can be shaped and adapted, but it takes time, discipline and effort. The discussion is rich and powerful. Enjoy!