Challenges We Face Study – Challenge #3 – Recruiting Quality People (Salespeople, Support, and Other Areas)
Earlier this year, Mark Mitchell, who co-authored our book RAINMAKER, and I conducted a study to learn what Building Materials Sales Forces are being challenged with this year. 146 organizations participated. For the next few blogs, I will provide insight on what we learned. I will share what you said were the top 5 challenges you face, with a brief commentary on each.
Challenge #3 – Recruiting Quality People (Salespeople, Support, and Other Areas)
In our last two blogs, we covered the #1 and #2 Challenge: Selling Value vs Price, and Transitioning Salespeople to Being Business Advisors. Recruiting Quality People is the 3rd most important challenge.
Let’s recognize that in a low unemployment economy that we are now experiencing, this is indeed difficult. And even more so when we wait to recruit primarily when an opening presents itself. That is not the answer.
The best companies are always recruiting. The best Sales Managers keep their eye open for superior talent and begin building those relationships before an opening presents itself. I have found that the best companies have less of a challenge filling positions as strong employees seek them out to join the company. This is where culture comes in, where you create such an attractive workplace that the best seek you out.
What have you done to become a Talent Magnet for your organization?