About Working With Sales Effectiveness, Inc.

“Our relationship with Sales Effectiveness, Inc. quickly moved from vendor to strategic partner. Their ability to customize and adapt to our needs has made their solutions much more valuable for everyone. Now that they understand the nuances of our business, the fresh ideas they continually present are much appreciated. Without a doubt, they are helping us in our quest to be a world-class sales organization.” - Director of Sales

“We are particularly impressed by the variety and depth of solutions you have helped us implement.   Your firm challenged us to employ a Territory Growth Planning methodology that is now at the heart of how our people plan and communicate how they will make their numbers each year.  Your firm introduced PEERS World Class Selling Skills, which has now been adopted as the sales process throughout all our business units.  We introduced Opportunity Map as a basis for key account acquisition and growth. 

We also introduced ENGAGE – Delivering Powerful New Product Presentations this month, which will help us grow our new product sales by improving the ability of our sales force to build and deliver effective, customer-needs based presentations.  And finally, we will continue to build on excellence in the sales manager role by implementing Catalyst5 – Developing the Complete Sales Leader.   The feedback we receive from every salesperson and sales manager on all these initiatives is very positive.

Indeed, we are reshaping how we sell and partner with our customers, while building accountability with the sales force.  And in today’s challenging economy, these approaches help us capitalize on market opportunities while communicating to the sales force our investment in them for the future.”

About PEERS - World Class Selling Skills

“The EXPLORE model was my favorite.  It taught me the value of asking effective questions and how to gain customer insight.”

“This class really showed my why I need to strategize for each call.  Until this class, I thought I was doing that already.  The headlights are on now!”

“Working through customer concerns…it doesn’t have to be confrontational!  Thanks for showing me ways how to work through them.”

"Phenomenal experience, tremendous effort, first class delivery."

"I learned more about selling in the past three days than I have in two years. This is exactly what I needed. There is no doubt this will improve my performance!"

"I am leaving with a newfound confidence to think outside of the box and realize that no customer is out of reach. Thank you!!"

"I felt it was the most energizing, educational, powerful class that will lead into or create the road map to become more effective in the field with any level of customer and organization."

"Very well done!! I believe this will offer the team a great new approach to engage the customer and have confidence. There will be a positive ROI."

“PEERS training was fantastic.  It gives you a different perspective on how to approach a new prospect.  It really teaches you to listen to the customer and learn what their true needs are versus talking most of the time about yourself and the company you represent.  It's a true selling process and one of the best training classes I have ever attended.”

About Opportunity Map - Acquiring and Growing High-Profile, Strategic Accounts

“This was one of the best classes I’ve attended in my 15 years of selling.   Who knows where I’d be if I had learned this sooner.”

“Who would have thought a tool like this could be so powerful?  It has all the key information documented in one place.  Brilliant!”

“This class was an eye-opener.  I can only imagine the ROI we’re going to get from this workshop.”

“I now have confidence and a strategy for winning new accounts.  Look out, competition…here I come!”

About PEERS Applications

“The PEERS “Art of Questioning” training module was well received by my team.  The module actually took us 2 full hours to complete as people were so engaged in the exercises that I created for them.  They loved that each role-play was customized to fit our #1 customer.  It made everything more “real” and easily understood.”

“We just completed 2 PEERS application sessions.  The entire group participated well and they all enjoyed having the role play specific to our business.  One of my salespeople reported that he used a component of the PEERS training one day after our seminar.   It’s good to see our efforts pay off!”

About Catalyst5 COACH

“This workshop helped me to understand how to promote, reward, deal with problems and to get more positive productivity from each individual.”

“Must admit and be honest with you. Not much has excited me in my career in the last 5 or 6 years... Grills and fireplace have probably been something that kept me going...odd I know.

Catalyst training to me was like a transfusion. We all felt the excitement and passion in the room!  Unlike any meeting or training I have ever known. The investment will pay off as I do believe a majority if not all managers attending will apply the practice.”

“Out in the field,  I have found that Focus Coaching has improved our execution of details in our stores and extensively improved the Store Managers and my personal productivity. By taking “time out” for Focus Coaching sessions during store visits I have found that the Managers have a much better understanding of our expectations of them.  We have improved the overall decision making capabilities of our Managers. More importantly, we are not only coaching them for growth in their current position but also it has become an education tool to prepare our people for future assignments within our organization.”

“Call observations are going to be much more effective from here on out.”

“This workshop gave ‘structure’ to coaching.  It also increased my awareness of the various skills I need to employ to be more effective in my job and at home.”


“Catalyst5 truly is a change agent, and after attending the Leader / Business Manager Workshop I feel as though my commitment to improvement and change has caught on with others around me.  Catalyst has been an invigorating experience as I continue my journey to becoming the best leader and manager I can be.”

“Even though I’ve managed people most of my career, I still found most of the techniques helpful and was able to think differently about positive reinforcement and realized how important it is to help people grow in their positions.  I felt the workshop was well done and very beneficial to the managers of our organization.”

About ENGAGE – Delivering Powerful New Product Presentations

“This class will be very important to my sales growth, and frankly, my career growth

“The presentation planner is an incredibly simple but powerful tool for helping me get my thoughts and priorities in order.  Welll done!”

“Within two weeks of this class I landed a significant new customer that is worth $1.5 million in annualized business.  That’s a testament to what this class taught me.”

“I can honestly say that in the 19 years I’ve been with the company, ENGAGE was probably the best training I have ever attended.  I knew the content sunk in when all I did this past Sunday at church was grade the pastor’s presentation.  By the way he had a solid “attention-grabbing” opening and a strong close!”

“I thought I was a good planner and presenter but ENGAGE showed me ways to improve on my process and preparedness.  The key lessons I learned were to prepare, practice and prepare some more!  I’m certain I will be more confident in any presentation situation.”

About TGP - Territory Growth Playbook

“I would like to give special mention to the Territory Growth Playbook Process and Scorecard initiatives currently being implemented by 100 of our Sales Representatives. The feedback has been excellent with the vast majority stating that these tools have helped them to better manage their territories while helping them to identify key opportunities moving forward.  As one successful rep put it, “Each day I view my territory through the windshield of my car, one customer at a time.  This process has allowed me to look at my territory from a ’30,000 foot’ perspective, market by market, by business segment.  I clearly see my opportunities for growth as a result."

“Changing an organization our size is no easy task, and we appreciate the role Sales Effectiveness is playing as catalyst to our sales force.  I am proud of our accomplishments to date, and look forward to our continued partnership.”

"This is the most important initiative our sales organization has ever taken in its history."