The ability to first understand where you are is essential in developing an approach to improvement.  Sales Effectiveness, Inc. offers two general types of Assessments:

Organizational Assessments

Understanding where you are today against a set of sales best practices is one of our key strengths.  Using a core set of practices we observe in the most successful sales organizations, we conduct high-insight organizational studies that help senior leadership understand their strengths today, and where to apply effort.

Individual and Talent Assessments

Sales Effectiveness, Inc. is a business partner with the HR Chally group, based in Dayton, Ohio.  For more than thirty years, Chally has worked with over 2,000 organizations to evaluate and identify the strategies and personnel they need to create the most effective sales, marketing and organizational structures possible.

Working from the largest database of salespeople, managers, sales forces and  business customers, Chally continually identifies and updates the specific skills, competencies and benchmark functions critical to help sales organizations succeed.  Their actuarial research stems from a database of more than 300,000 incumbents and candidates in specific sales, management, and specialized functional skill positions.

As their partner, we use Chally's online system to help organizations match appropriate individuals to key positions.  We also use the Chally system to complete Talent Audits to assist us in our work with our clients.

A single, objective and predictive tool that provides an ongoing sales profile and skills inventory for alignment, development, selection and restructuring.

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