Sales Consulting

Change is Never Easy

Sales Effectiveness, Inc. offers a broad range of sales consulting services that support your strategies for change and growth. We specialize in practical work sessions designed to help you chart or redirect your course for excellence in sales. Our consulting services include:

  • Sales Organization Effectiveness Analysis to identify opportunities for growth
  • Selling Process Assessment to establish a baseline for continuous improvement
  • Sales Management Evaluation to define consistency in how sales leaders drive team performance
  • Salesperson Assessment to leverage strengths, redefine priorities and identify skill gaps
Our 5 Step Sales Consulting Model






  • Understand your business, sales strategy, objectives and competitive position
  • Identify your desired "Future State"
  • Assess gaps needed to reach the future state
  • Formalize joint Work / Lead Team / Sales Excellence Council
  • Prioritize and agree on strategies to "close the gap"
  • Define the work effort needed for each strategy
  • Secure buy-in
  • Finalize budgets
  • Prepare Work Plan and Time Frames
  • Establish "Success Metrics" for each initiative
  • Build Breakthrough teams to develop and design solutions
  • Set key checkpoint reviews with Sales Excellence Council / LEAD Team
  • Implement solutions with field sales and service organizations
  • Evaluate results based on agreed metrics
  • Continuously assess where improvements need to be made

You may already know where you want to focus, or you may need our experts to help you sort through the challenges. Either way, we will help you pinpoint the issues and work with you to develop an approach that makes sense for you.

Each solution is defined with a solid implementation plan. We will help you execute, or you may wish to hire one of our consultants on an interim basis to help drive the desired change.

How To Start

We typically begin with a FREE Initial Phone Consultation to help you evaluate your situation and determine whether or not we are able to assist you. Together, we will then determine what the appropriate next steps might be.  That may include additional phone work or, in most cases, in-person meetings to deepen our understanding and provide the necessary strategy and insight.

Our team of consultants are proven sales executives who have led and managed sales teams, who are practical and understand the challenges at play in any implementation, and who are able to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Results-Oriented Sales Consulting

The end result of our consulting services will be that you have:

A comprehensive map for a long-term sales strategy

Step-by-step action plans that define the approach, individual accountability, guiding metrics and desired results

The support of a group of talented sales pros who can help you implement the strategy as well as develop your sales force to assume ownership for the desired future

We look forward to assisting you. Call us today at 864-349-1032!