Selling More Profitable Products

Many building materials salespeople gravitate towards product solutions that are easy to sell, and not ones that carry a higher price tag. We have found that the best salespeople focus on understanding how their solution can impact the customer’s business. And if they are able to link the financial value of their solution to the challenges the customer is facing, selling more profitable solutions is easier and likely.

Converting Customers From Competition

When a competitor is entrenched, it is unlikely that you can displace them, unless there is significant dissatisfaction. A better strategy is to find a niche, a small area where you have uniqueness. It could be your ability to handle a challenging problem, or pursuing a market that the customer has never thought about. Then, once in, deliver like no one else can. You will get the customer’s attention, and in turn, make an argument to be considered for additional business.

Dealing With Larger Customers

Bag the Elephant! That rallying cry is common. But ELEPHANTS take time to reel in and manage. Many salespeople get frustrated dealing with a complex selling environment. We can help. There is a science to pursuing and working with very large customers. It requires a long-term vision with dedicated milestones and steps that, over time, increase momentum and creates a compelling reason to act.

We can help you address these tough sales issues. For nearly two decades we have helped building materials organizations grow. Senior executives bring us in to help them focus, to challenge them and help create LIFT for their business. Drawing on our intimate knowledge of the sales of building materials, the approach used varies by company dependent on the business objectives and their situation.

We welcome the opportunity to engage in a free 30 minute discovery session to determine if we can help you achieve your Growth objectives. Please contact us at 770-552-6612.