Make Superior Coaching the Standard for all your Sales Leaders

The Sales Leader is the most important player in a salesperson’s success. Research has proven that how effective the Sales Manager is drives performance in a sales organization. This applies to all industries but even more so to Building Materials. And the most important leadership skill is how they COACH.

As its core, COACHING is the ability to tap the capacity of each individual. But Coaching is more than being a helper. Coaching promotes stretching both the individual and the team to reach its potential. It is a journey that never ends. It is creating the reality you want for your sales team. It is being a servant, a performance leader, a catalyst, and a communicator, all rolled into one. And, it is not easy.

Have you established the expectation for your leaders to Coach? What standards do you have in place around coaching? How do you know if it is working or not?

For nearly two decades we have helped building materials organizations grow. Senior executives bring us in to help them focus, to challenge them and help create LIFT for their business. Drawing on our intimate knowledge of the sales of building materials, the approach used varies by company dependent on the business objectives and their situation.

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