Growth Sales Excellence Study


Just mentioning the word growth generates multiple images in the minds of business people: Development, progress, improvement, revenues, profits, accelerating performance.  In a highly competitive society, growth is synonymous with survival.   And yet, while the meaning of the word may be obvious to business people, the strategies that sales executives use in pursuing growth vary significantly.

When Sales Effectiveness, Inc. decided to conduct this growth and sales excellence study, we were driven by a variety of interests.  As professionals dedicated to helping organizations grow, we wanted to learn which growth initiatives are being emphasized by Vice Presidents of Sales today, and the best practices that support those initiatives.   Specifically we wanted to:

  • Understand the priority that senior sales VPs give to various strategies around growth.
  • Understand how well sales best practices are being employed.
  • Prioritize the challenges sales VPs and their organizations are facing.
  • Suggest areas executives should focus on in growing their sales teams and driving consistent results.

The report is organized in four sections:

  1. Growth Strategies
  2. Best Practices
  3. Challenges
  4. What to Take Away

Download the PDF for Growth Sales Excellence Study.

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