What is Your Growth Strategy?  Virtually every sales organization has an ambitious growth plan. Your objectives may be to increase profitable revenue, take market share or grow the overall market for your category of products and services.

But how do you stand out? Is it up to the sales force alone, or have you established an expectation that everyone in your organization has responsibility for the customer experience?

Once the strategies have been set, the amount of success depends on the ability of the sales team and all those who support them to execute.

One of the most common complaints we hear is the fact that salespeople spend the majority of their time talking about their products and services and not about how to help their businesses succeed. When they connect with a superior salesperson who focuses on improving their business and on solving their business problems, they genuinely respond and they are more loyal to and less price sensitive in working with them.

As a senior leader, what are you doing to differentiate your sales team?  How are you challenging them to be better Business Advisors?  

For nearly two decades we have helped sales organizations grow. Senior executives bring us in to help them focus, to challenge them and help create LIFT for their business.

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