All organizations today experience constant change. Chances are your organization is leaner than it has ever been. Your sales leaders are being asked to generate more revenue and profit and execute key company initiatives. Customers have less time to meet and are more resistant to change.

We were founded on the principle that the sales manager is THE most important player in a sales organization. He or she is a CHANGE AGENT. It is his or her ability to first recruit the right talent and then create an environment where they flourish that makes the difference.


  1. As a sales LEADER, are you able to set the right vision for your team or are you lost in day to day details?
  2. If you have regional managers how effective are they as BUSINESS MANAGERS?
  3. Are you and your regional managers too often the “closer,” or are you developing them as COACHES to enable the sales professional to succeed all the time?
  4. How much time are you able to devote to RECRUITING the right bench, or do you have to wait until someone leaves to think about talent?

If you’re a CEO of VP of Sales and have not focused on elevating the capability of your sales managers, you have a golden opportunity to challenge and drive growth.

Effective leaders challenge the capacity of top performers, identify unique strengths across the team, and in turn, create a highly motivating team environment.

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