New Products

Developing new products is an important part of sales growth. Successfully selling new products into the market can be challenging. The biggest challenge is that most building materials customers are not looking to change, they instead take an “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude.

The next challenge is that new products frequently cost more. The customer usually isn’t open minded enough to consider why your higher price is justified. The last challenge is sales people who frequently promote the product benefits over the benefits to the customer.

New Markets

In order to grow your sales, you may need to enter new markets. You may sell to the commercial market and want to sell into the residential market. Maybe you’re remodeling product and want to gain some new construction sales.

This can be challenging because sales people frequently approach the new market the same as they approach the existing market. When they don’t succeed, they can revert back to focusing on the existing market.

Defending Price

Everyone wants a lower price. They also want to buy the right product from the right supplier. Salespeople need to understand the value you bring to the customer and how to present this to make price less of an issue.

We understand how to over come these three challenges.

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