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Get Ready to Become a RAINMAKER!

Are you doing your best to get to the top in the field of sales, but often feel frustrated with your results?

Are you somewhat mystified with how other salespeople achieve the highest sales results, while you seemingly work just as hard?

Whether you are relatively new to the world of sales or a seasoned veteran, this book will provide you with fresh ideas and clear direction to help you become a Rainmaker, a professional at the top of your game, bringing in more business than you ever have in the past. You’ll refer to it again and again.

You will discover creative and effective ways to:

  • Hunt for new business – in the most profitable accounts.
  • Act as a business advisor and consultant that customers turn to.
  • Influence decision makers to “want to” do business with your company.
  • Educate customers to see your company as the best fit for their business.
  • Facilitate implementations and orchestrate resources so that customers see you as invaluable to their success.

This easy-to-read book reveals that these practices can be learned by anyone who is willing to put in the effort. Told in an engaging story format, readers follow ‘average’ salesperson Ryan as he seeks to transform – to become a top producer with the help of a coach and his sales peers.

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“The magic in this book is in the simplicity of the story, yet it packs a powerful punch if the average salesperson embraces these practices.  RAINMAKER! dissects the selling process into bite-size bits and tells the story in a comfortable way without being preachy. Time is our most valuable resource. The ABCD grid alone will allow us to coach our sales team on how to be more productive.”

Bruce Wingate
Vice President - Marketing & Sustainability - Dryvit Systems, Inc

“RAINMAKER! really captures the essence of good selling practices in the form of an engaging story. It’s a quick read and provides practical easy-to-implement practices that will deliver results. I recommend this book to any sales professional, new or old, looking to become the best at what they do.”

Brent Noonan
Vice President of Sales, Uponor North America

“If you want to be more successful calling on homebuilders, read this book. As a homebuilder, we value the salespeople who call on us who  have the acumen to be business advisors instead of simply representatives of their companies. Those are the men and women we pay attention to as they help us ‘see’ the financial benefit of their  products and services. They think like owners and that is a true differentiator.”

George Murphy
President - Wayne Homes

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