Top 12 Universal Truths in Selling

  1. Customers buy because they want to buy. Your job is to help them buy.
  2. Questioning is the most important skill of a successful sales professional. Become a student of questioning, as it is the fundamental skill of selling.  Begin with the big picture – then explore the business issues, the problems, the needs, and the opportunities in detail.  Cover favorable areas first before unfavorable ones.
  3. Listening intently is integral to effective questioning. Listening engages. It is hard work, and humbling  It draws the customer towards you. It forces you to understand first, before considering possible solutions.
  4. Calling at the top is the mark of superior business sales professionals. Calling at the top will shorten your sales cycle, raise your confidence, and yield greater opportunity than any other tactic in your sales arsenal.
  5. Never go into a call without in-depth preparation. Always research your customer’s business and industry. Be a problem solver. Demonstrate your value and uniqueness.
  6. Know your product and the steps of your sales process inside and out.  Be a curious, lifelong learner. Study and sharpen your methods and practices.  Continuous learning is the most important individual strategy for sales success.
  7. Understand and align to the customer’s criteria for decision, or take responsibility for shaping it.
  8. Building a personal relationship is what keeps you in an account.  Treat everyone with respect.  Like them, care for them. Empathize. Help them succeed personally and professionally.
  9. Show them the money.  Illustrate how they and their organization will benefit financially from your product or service.
  10. Do something every day to secure new business.  Always be prospecting, seeking referrals and networking. It is the foundation for growth.
  11. Keep your commitments. Be a model of integrity and dependability. Return all calls every day, no matter what the time – customers notice.
  12. Desire, Optimism, Determination, Persistence – top sales people never let failure over-take them.

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