Top 25 Questions to Explore During Initial Sales Calls

The following represent some of the most powerful questions you can ask a building materials customer during initial sales calls.  These questions will provide you with the insights to determine how you may be able to offer value, and where challenges and opportunities exist.  More importantly, these questions will encourage the customer to speak freely and for you to listen intently without providing any recommendations at this initial stage of the sales process.

  1. What has been your growth the last three years?
  2. What is your vision for the future?
  3. What has changed most about your business in the last ___ year(s)?
  4. What do your customers most value about your company?
  5. How are you organized now?
  6. What are the biggest challenges you are facing?
  7. How will these challenges affect you?
  8. What problems have you been experiencing?
  9. How much will you be impacted financially if this continues?
  10. What financial benefits would you realize if you could ________?
  11. What strategies are you pursuing?
  12. What are some of the most exciting opportunities you face in the future?
  13. How will you measure success?
  14. What needs to change from where it is today?
  15. What would you like to accomplish?
  16. What is the competition doing that you should be doing?
  17. Where does your firm have a competitive advantage?
  18. If you had a magic wand…….what results would you like to see?
  19. What is most important to you, personally, in resolving this issue? Why is that?
  20. How would you prioritize your needs?
  21. What conditions need to be satisfied for our companies to do business?
  22. What budget have you established?
  23. What kind of time frame are you working on?
  24. What is important to you in working with external suppliers?
  25. Other than yourself, who else will be involved in the decision to move forward?

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