Top Questions a Customer Wants Answers To

About the Salesperson

  1. What does she know about our company and industry?
  2. How well does he listen and how respectful is he of my time?
  3. What other companies has she worked with in our industry?
  4. How well does he know his product/ service?
  5. How familiar is she with competitive products/services?
  6. Does he go the extra mile to be responsive when we need him? 
  7. Am I at ease working with him?
  8. Would I feel comfortable introducing him to other key executives?
  9. How professional and confident is she in appearance and conduct?
  10. How available is she when I require her time/counsel?

About Your Solution’s Value

  1. Have our needs been clearly understood and articulated?
  2. What financial impact will the solution have on our situation?
  3. What non-financial benefits can we expect to see?
  4. Can a return on investment be reasonably calculated?
  5. What success stories can she personally point to?
  6. Has your solution addressed other potential problems?
  7. Will your solution be accepted by other key decision makers?

About Your Company

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. How financially stable are you?
  3. What kind of customer support do you offer?
  4. How do you back up your sales and service teams?
  5. How accessible are key executives to discuss our situation?
  6. What does the company do to stay up to date with new ideas?

About Your Products and / or Services

  1. What products / services were selected to meet our requirements?
  2. How closely does the performance of their services meet our needs?
  3. Does product / service quality and reliability match or exceed industry standards?
  4. What kind of support is required on an ongoing basis?
  5. What warranties are offered?
  6. What is your track record on turnaround to warranty issues?
  7. How easy is the implementation and what do we need to do to get ready? 

About Your Price / Investment

  1. Is the price within what was budgeted?
  2. Is the price competitive?
  3. Does the solution meet our needs better than that of other suppliers?
  4. What is important about the total offering to outweigh a higher price?
  5. What payment terms are being offered?

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