Top Questions to Use in Evaluating Training Decisions

  1. Is the program logical and well designed?
  2. Does the methodology reflect what we do or should be doing every day?
  3. How involving and engaging is the program design to ensure knowledge transfer?
  4. Were the materials adapted to reflect our environment and business challenges?
  5. How clear and organized are the Leader Materials, ensuring consistency in delivery from class to class?
  6. Are the Leader Materials well organized allowing our staff to deliver the training if necessary?
  7. What Train the Trainer process do they have if we want our people certified to teach the program?
  8. What type of research were the skills of the program based on?
  9. To what extent are the employees using the skills and methodology taught?
  10. How well did the program create LIFT for those who participated?
  11. What do other people say about the impact the program has had on their people and their business?
  12. What tools and follow-up materials does the training provide?
  13. Does the program’s professional image match or exceed what our people are used to?
  14. How responsive is the training company to ongoing issues and requirements?
  15. How well does the program’s coaching component communicate clearly how the manager should support the skills and concepts taught? 

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