Catalyst5 - Leader/Business Manager

Help your managers hone in on their roles as Leaders and Business ManagersSales Management Training: Catalytst5

Benefits to the Organization and to Participants - The 2nd stage of the Catalyst5 system, Leader / Business Manager focuses on these essential roles of the sales leader. The LEADER role challenges the manager to establish direction and encourages the manager to articulate the vision s/he has for his team. The BUSINESS MANAGER role focuses on the tools essential in being an effective business manager, including problem solving, leading change initiatives, and how to use metrics to drive performance.

  • Arms sales managers with the tools needed to build a persuasive team vision
  • Challenges managers to explore and reduce the “bad habits” they may be using in their leadership efforts
  • Teaches managers the skills of holding sales huddles and the impact that can have on the team
  • Provides a means for managers to complete a comprehensive assessment of their teams and the steps desired to lead a change initiative
  • Educates leaders on how to use metrics to drive higher levels of performance at both the individual and team levels


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