Catalyst5 - Recruiter/Trainer

Challenge your sales leaders to recruit effectively and build a dedicated learning environment with their teams.Sales Management Training: Catalytst5

Additionally, research shows that the best sales managers think of themselves as the “CLO” or Chief Learning Officer for their teams.  They do not leave the education and improvement of their teams to the discretion of the HR or training function or your team. They are involved and engaged in creating and driving a learning and continuous improvement culture for their teamsToday, more than ever, good hiring decisions can make or break a sales force – or an entire company. Competition is fierce and often, your competitors’ products and services are comparable to yours. So, what makes the difference as to what company a customer selects as their provider? Research shows that the skills and competence of the people who work for your company are often the deciding factor for your customers.

These two roles – of RECRUITER and TRAINER are developed in depth in this 3rd segment of Catalyst5 – Developing the Complete Sales Leader.

Benefits to the Organization and to Participants

  • Provides sales managers with a well-defined Recruiting and Selection process as the foundation for effective hiring.
  • Defines the characteristics of best-in-class sales professionals to ensure fit between what an organization needs and the candidates it considers.
  • Educates managers on the practices of behavioral interviewing and how to use in-depth interviewing to raise the probability of selecting “A” players.
  • Provides a framework and approach for managers to create a learning culture with their teams.
  • Arms sales leaders with the steps needed to facilitate and lead effective team meetings.
  • Establishes “team specialties” with each direct report as basis for continuous improvement and practice.


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