Manager Map - Best Practices of Sales Managers

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What Is ManagerMap?

The Manager Map Design Process is a highly interactive and engaging set of activities to help you define the must-have accountabilities of the Sales Manager of the Future. It is a set of steps that outline the "Best Practices" we follow in satisfying Sales Management requirements.

Why Do This?

  • Builds a “framework of excellence” of what your organization expects of their Sales Managers
  • Articulates the “Best Practices” Sales Managers follow in the primary roles they play every day
  • Defines the profile of what is expected, and suggests the capabilities needed for the person hired
  • Helps define the skills and tasks needed in a future sales management training curriculum
  • Provides a road map for aspiring and new Sales Managers
  • Can be used as a framework to use during appraisal / review process

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