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What is the REACH Workshop?

REACH – Coaching Performance Excellence™ is a dynamic two-day workshop, designed to help those who fulfill the role of coaches, whether they be executives, managers, supervisors, or team leaders become catalysts of positive change. As a consequence, organizations will empower their people, and maximize the potential for peak performance.

Through active involvement in the REACH workshop, participants will:

  • Explore the roles, challenges, and parallel journeys of today’s coach and coachee
  • Learn and internalize ten practices used in coaching performance excellence.
  • Practice the critical communications skills of effective coaches.
  • Apply the key skills of Reflective Listening, Strategic Questioning, Encouraging, Challenging as the focal point of working with their people.
  • Develop practices to continually reward and bring out the best in others.
  • Create a process for collaboration through Focus Coaching that consistently ensures win- win outcomes, and builds trust and value in the coaching relationship.
  • Develop action plans for self-development and continuous team improvement.

The REACH COACHING workshop is dynamic, employing video, experiential exercises, games, and a variety of activities that promote learning and application to the job.

What People are Saying

“Workshop exceeded my expectations”
“Definitely would recommend to others, especially upper management”
“Open this workshop to ALL staff, not just managers and team leaders.”
“I will implement FOCUS Coaching right away!”

Benefits of REACH:

  • Learn and develop the principles of effective coaching including inspiring commitment, creating a supportive climate, making learning a priority, and celebrating success.
  • Develop skills essential in providing feedback so that it is accepted and used.
  • Create an open, supportive environment where respect, self-improvement, and effective two-way dialogue forms the foundation for ever greater personal and organizational
  • Establish a collaborative team culture where team members, together with their coach, agree on goals and objectives that contribute to your organization’s strategies.
  • Use techniques to ensure that team members take responsibility for their own professional growth

REACH Coaching Performance Excellence Fact Sheet

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