CONNECT! - Building Great Customer Experiences

Build methods and skills for all associates who are stewards of shaping the customer experience, building the brand and distinguishing the business in the marketplace.

Connect - Building Great Customer Experiences

Are you building customer experiences that are memorable and compelling? Does your team have the skills to deliver on the service promise? Are you adding value each time your people touch a customer?


Challenging economic cycles, higher customer expectations, and global competition are realities today that drive perpetual change, and it is the agile organization that will fare the best in these dynamic times.   Successful organizations today have to focus and become more efficient and aggressive in multiple areas in order to survive and grow their organizations.

Today’s organizations competing for market share can no longer differentiate themselves by product, price and process alone.  They must master the art of creating both strong and meaningful human experiences and connections within the organization itself, and for customers, shareholders and the marketplace they serve.

When your customers experience a GREAT connection with your organization, they help attract new business, grow revenues, and create a competitive differentiator that positions the enterprise for sustainable success.

When people experience “meaning” in their work and in their lives, they are driven by purpose.  People who serve with purpose and a regard for others are rare in business today and they make a profound positive impact on those around them.

What is Connect?

The highly experiential Connect! workshop is designed to build methods and skills for all associates who are stewards of shaping the customer experience, building the brand and distinguishing the business in the marketplace.   This new paradigm of service leadership drives the commitments and philosophy necessary to create loyal, enchanted customers.

Roles of Tomorrow’s Customer Experience Professional


Built on a service excellence foundation, the Connect! Workshop delivers the principles, skills and philosophy required to help your employees connect in a meaningful and positive way with their internal and external customers.

Participants discover the philosophy and point of view about the impact that experiences have on the customer and the organization.  They then explore the roles of the service professional as they learn the five core skills for building GREAT Customer Experiences: Greet, Relate with Respect, Engage, Act, and Transform.


The importance of first impressions and for setting the tone are explored.  Big ideas about service are captured. Applying effective word choice, tone, pace, and paying attention to clues are practiced.  Partners follow the elements of the Greet skill to ensure the interaction begins positively and successfully.

Relate with Respect

Connecting with respect is essential in providing value and demonstrating your eagerness to serve. Participants discuss communication styles and preferences when establishing rapport.  Team activities unveil “connectors and disconnectors” as well as barriers and emotions that occur when a customer is distressed.

Participants are then introduced to a practical set of four steps needed to effectively handle any situation, whether it is a request for help or respond to a service mishap that occurred.


Four core skills create engagement:  Explore, Educate, Explain, and Enchant.  Effective questions are identified for closing information gaps and identifying the customer’s desired outcomes.  Listening and acknowledging exercises reinforce connection.

The Educate and Explain skills enable participants to create a positive experience in any context.  They reinforce what you will do and what the customer will need to do to ensure the request or situation is addressed or supported.  Enchant explores realistic and practical ways to go the extra mile and what can be done to earn customer loyalty.


In this segment, participants discuss what is easy and what is not to determine what needs to be done to serve a customer.  It examines when to escalate a situation, and the internal actions needed to complete the transaction.


Teams brainstorm and present ideas on areas within the organization that can be transformed.  Participants are challenged to contribute to the changes that are needed in order to deliver on the service promise.

Wrap Up

The session wraps up with each participant creating a playbook to help transfer the learning to their teams and to help drive learner commitment and accountability.

Target Population

All Service Providers, both internal and external

Course Length

Two Days

Benefits to the Organization

  • Skilled and engaged associates who effectively manage the customer experience for positive, memorable outcomes.
  • Satisfied and loyal customers who recognize the value they receive as a result of the conversations they have with your team.
  • Help you attract new business and differentiate your company competitively.
  • Meaningful, valuable solutions to business issues impacting customer loyalty, brand leadership, market share and ultimately, profit.

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