Customer Business Reviews

Sales Training: Customer Business ReviewsBuild a systematic methodology to plan for and conduct superior business reviews and increase the retention of your top customers.

Workshop Design

The Customer Business Reviews workshop provides sales professionals with a systematic methodology to plan for and conduct superior business reviews with their most valuable customers. The five units of the workshop move quickly, are easy to follow, and provide all the practice and reinforcement needed for your sales teams to be able to hold high-quality business reviews.

After attending the workshop, participants will be ready to contact the customer to schedule a business review, fully confident that the session they plan and hold will result in the customer’s deeper commitment to your organization and expand the possibilities between both companies.

There are five units in this workshop that will take participants through what they need to do and prepare for before holding their first Customer Business Review.

  • Overview
  • Inviting
  • Preparing
  • Leading
  • Action Planning and Execution

What is a Customer Business Review?

Simply stated, a customer business review is:

  • A formally scheduled session of approximately two hours between key representatives of both your company and a top customer’s company.
  • A session designed to review the business your two companies have done during a sales period, highlight key accomplishments, discuss any outstanding issues or problems, and agree on a plan for future growth.

What People Are Saying After Holding Customer Business Reviews?

“This meeting really helped enhance our relationship. They opened up more than they ever had. One customer told me this showed him that we don’t take them for granted!”

“We had 4 people there and they had 7 people. It gave us a great opportunity to review all the things that we planned to achieve. We came away with a handshake and tremendous commitment for additional business.”

“We learned a lot about issues they had with our organization that we did not know about. Many of them were small stumbling blocks, but if put together and not addressed, we may have lost their business. Probably sooner than later.”

“I thought this gave us a great opportunity to thank the customer. They saw us as a collaborative team for the first time. They want to do it again next year.”

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Promotes loyalty and customer retention.
  • Provides a forum to discuss upcoming growth initiatives and new products and services.
  • Promotes side-by-side growth between your company and your customer’s company.
  • Maximizes interaction between your sales team (including sales management) and your customers’ senior management.
  • Provides a forum to address customer concerns in a non-hostile environment.
  • Can be facilitated by your own team by following a step-by-step Leader’s Guide.

Benefits to Your Sales Teams

  • Maximizes income, production, and personal growth.
  • Provides upper management a way to connect with the company’s most valuable customers.
  • Provides focus for retention and growth.
  • Motivates changes needed to achieve goals with the customer.

Benefits to Your Customers

  • Provides a forum for open communication between your two companies.
  • Provides customers an opportunity to share their direction and to challenge your company on how you can better serve their business.
  • Offers ideas and insights on possible ways they can grow their business.

Customer Business Review Fact Sheet

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