Engage! Delivering Powerful New Product Presentations

 Sales Training: ENGAGEPlan and deliver persuasive customer presentations that motivate your customers to act.

What is ENGAGE!?

ENGAGE is a creative and systematic approach that brings together the best ideas of Sales and Marketing professionals. It provides the means to skillfully plan and deliver persuasive customer presentations that motivate your customers to act. It provides a means to build excitement for new products. This two-day workshop will stir emotional commitment from your salespeople to:

  • Generate and prioritize key ideas around customer needs.
  • Develop compelling messages that link to customer benefits.
  • Engage their audiences through targeted questions, dynamic visuals, and artful story-telling.
  • Present with conviction and creativity to their audiences.

 Principles Behind ENGAGE!

  • #1 Reason for success in presentations comes from the level of preparation and rehearsal of the presenter. ENGAGE! will help your people prepare well so as to crystallize a persuasive and engaging message to their audience.
  • Presentations that are focused on the needs and requirements of the customer are essential in raising the probability of your recommendations being accepted.
  • Tapping the energy and specialized knowledge of the sales force generates insights, results in a more powerful message, and secures sales-force-buy-in.
  • Sales and Marketing should strive to be integrated. ENGAGE! provides a clean link between sales and marketing for new product introductions.

What People Are Saying

"This class has been very important to my sales growth, and frankly, my career growth."

"The presentation planner is an incredibly simple but powerful tool for helping me get my thoughts and priorities in order. Well done!"

"Within two weeks of this class I landed a significant new customer that is worth $1.5 million in annualized business. That's a testament to what this class taught me."

Benefits to Your Sales Organization

  • Provides a powerful methodology for developing and delivering a compelling presentation.
  • Taps sales force creativity for new product development.
  • Offers a fun, energetic, highly involving experience for the sales force to execute in collaboration with Marketing.
  • Presentations are more relevant to buyers because they focus on their needs.
  • Builds accountability by providing a means to track results.
  • Creates sales force excitement for selected products or product lines.

ENGAGE Delivering Powerful New Product Presentations

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