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Sales Training: Opportunity Map

Increase your sales team’s success rate in winning big opportunities at high-impact accounts!

The Challenges of Selling to Strategic Accounts

Winning large opportunities with high-profile, strategic accounts is challenging for even the best salespeople. These customers require strategic thinking, dedicated effort, and high-level planning and preparation. And the trend is for the bigger accounts to get bigger. With consolidations, there are more large accounts everyday.
Large accounts are very sophisticated in how they deal with suppliers. If your people aren’t prepared they may not even get an opportunity. And even if they do win the sale, it may be at a money losing price or terms.

Most sales professionals have the desire to win this business, yet they often don’t know how to go about working through the myriad of issues involved with complex and sophisticated sales. These issues range from thoroughly understanding the customer’s business and identifying the roles of the multiple players involved, to evaluating competitors and creating a custom strategy that embraces the customer’s value proposition. Winning High-Profile Strategic Accounts also requires the salesperson to clearly identify the “Value Drivers” influencing the sale when crafting a winning strategy.

The Sales Manager's Role

While your sales managers may have valuable experience in winning large opportunities, they often don’t have a framework to use in coaching their people through all the issues that arise with complex sales.

The OpportunityMap Workshop presents a superior tool and proven methodology to dramatically impact your sales teams' success rate in winning big opportunities at high-impact accounts.

What is OpportunityMap?

  • A proven methodology that helps your team win new opportunities and grow opportunities with existing key accounts.
  • A rigorous worksheet tool that provides a strong foundation for sales people and sales managers to use in strategizing large opportunities.
  • A user-friendly tool that is comprehensive enough so that managers can clearly see all the issues, yet simple enough that salespeople do not resist using it.
  • A “playbook” to synthesize all the issues into an executable winning strategy for a chosen account.


What People Are Saying

“This was one of the best classes I’ve attended in my 15 years of selling.   Who knows where I’d be if I had learned this sooner.”

“Who would have thought a tool like this could be so powerful?  It has all the key information documented in one place. Brilliant!”

“This class was an eye-opener.  I can only imagine the ROI we’re going to get from this workshop.”

“I now have confidence and a strategy for winning new accounts.  Look out, competition…here I come!”

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Maximizes potential for winning large opportunities with key accounts.
  • More success in converting large customers from a competitor.
  • Use line reviews as an opportunity to reinforce why they choose you.
  • Keeps sales people focused on large opportunities, ensuring that they are in the pipeline and are getting the attention required to win.
  • Helps crystallize how the entire organization can collaborate on winning key accounts.
  • Helps sales managers become more pro-active coaches.


Benefits to Your Salespeople and Your Sales Teams

  • Maximizes income, production, and personal growth.
  • Engages the team to act as peer coaches.
  • Provides focus.
  • Motivates behavior change needed to achieve goals.

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