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Sales Training: PEERSDevelop high performance salespeople by helping them discover and revitalize their commitment to selling.

What is PEERS?

Whether one is new to the selling profession, or a seasoned veteran, PEERS will help salespeople discover and revitalize their commitment to selling.  The PEERS program offers participants the opportunity to develop and apply critical sales skills - those identified as making the difference between highly effective sales professionals and average performers.

The PEERS name and acronym - Position, Explore, Educate, Recommend, Satisfy - was deliberately selected to convey the customer expectation that the sales interaction will be a collaborative, side-by-side experience. The focus of the interaction is on the customer, and the customer is a PEER or equal. The role of the salesperson is to engage the customer in the interaction in ways that encourage both to work together to solve business issues.

PEERS provides salespeople with the skills that help them align with their customer's business requirements as a basis for doing business with your organization.

If your purpose is to accelerate growth and introduce your team to the proven practices of the best salespeople, then implement PEERS for your organization.

What People Are Saying

"Phenomenal experience, tremendous effort, first class delivery."

"I learned more about selling to builders in the past three days than I have in two years. This is exactly what I needed. There is no doubt this will improve my performance!"

"This class really showed me why I need to strategize for each call. Until this class, I thought I was doing that with architects already. The headlights are on now!"

"Working through distributor doesn't have to be confrontational! Thanks for showing me ways how to work through them."

"I felt it was the most energizing, educational, powerful class that will create the road map to become more effective in the field with facilities managers and contractors."

"Very well done! I believe this will offer the team a great new approach to engage our dealers and have confidence. This workshop will generate a positive ROI."

Benefits to Your Sales Organization

  • Accelerates sales results.
  • Establishes a proven methodology as the foundation for sales success.
  • Embraces sales skill models that communicate a clear road map of selling “Best Practices.”
  • Provides the skills and methods to help your salespeople become trusted advisors.
  • Ensures high levels of involvement and practice as participants learn to build mutually-beneficial, collaborative, business relationships.
  • Defines the framework for what managers should be coaching to in order to improve individual and team performance.

PEERS World Class Selling Skills Fact Sheet

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