Sales Map

Create a sales model for your organization that will define your sales process, your expectations for your sales team, and the critical stages essential in measuring progress.

We estimate that 90% of selling organizations today have not documented their sales process. If you are committed to improvement, defining your sales process is the foundation for raising the bar of your sales organization.

What is SalesMap?

The SalesMap Design Process is a highly interactive and engaging set of activities to help your sales team define their best go-to-market practices, and then document them as your organization's framework for selling excellence.

How SalesMap Works

Step One: Interview Senior Leadership Team

We interview members of your Senior Leadership team to understand your vision, the direction for your organization, the competitive challenges ahead, and what business issues the sales force is facing.

Step Two: Develop a Preliminary Model

We assist you to select master sellers, a process champion, and support team members whose insights and experiences will be used to shape the initial process map. This team will then participate in a highly interactive, fun, two-day design event to capture their views on customer expectations, and identify the best practices used most consistently to achieve sales objectives while exceeding customer requirements. A preliminary model is then prepared that reflects those best practices.

Step Three: Finalize the SalesMap

We finalize the SalesMap by calibrating and testing the sales methodology with the design team and other sales professionals who were not involved in the design process. This ensures understanding and buy-in across your selling team, and allows us to "clean" the model to ensure it aligns with your direction and future plans.

Sign-off and application follows, with roll-out to your organization dependent on your specific strategies.

What People Are Saying

“SalesMap is a terrific tool that allows me and my team to be more focused on our objectives and become more proficient and successful.”

“It is amazing what can happen when you explicitly document how we sell.”

I thought I was a strong sales professional, but SalesMap will help me get to the next level.”

“This really provides us with our language of selling. The stages allow the salespeople to communicate where explicitly a sales opportunity is at a given point. This has been our foundation for our pipeline.”

“The SalesMap document helped us articulate and reinforce how we sell through our technology tools.”

Benefits to Your Sales Organization

  • Provides a road map of “Best Practices” to enable each salesperson and sales team to WIN.
  • Establishes a common language for selling.
  • Guides new people by communicating expectations on how your organization sells and satisfies customer requirements.
  • Helps managers coach a salesperson and track performance at each step of the process.
  • Provides focus for hiring by allowing an interviewer to identify behaviors a candidate possesses that aligns with your selling process.
  • Helps managers and salespeople identify training requirements by studying where in the process they are strong and where there is opportunity for improvement.
  • Provides a framework for customizing your CRM (customer relationship management) solution.

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