Territory Growth Playbook

Dramatically impact the performance of your sales teams by defining and achieving success in every sales territory!

What is Territory Growth Playbook?

Territory Growth Playbook is a dynamic, high-impact methodology to examine the performance of each sales territory, and agree on strategies that are essential in accomplishing territory and company goals. Specifically, it is a process to:

  • Engage the salesperson to think critically about their business, about the opportunities in play, and about the behaviors, practices, and support needed to exceed performance.
  • Determine where to invest time and effort.
  • Explore ideas, and seek advice from others.
  • Create leverage and accountability to an action plan that reflects your organization’s commitment to growth.

What People Are Saying

“The Territory Growth Playbook process was excellent. It provided me with a wealth of knowledge in great detail about each territory in our market.”

“There was a lot of good feedback – the presentations process was very very positive. We were into it. We pulled out goals. We did it in a team-meeting atmosphere. Another thing – we easily identified who is not on the bandwagon….we can help that person. The feedback and learning is that good.”

“This process has allowed me to look at my territory from '30,000 foot' perspective, market by market, by business segment. I clearly see my opportunities for growth as a result.”

“This is the most important initiative our sales organization has ever taken in its history.”

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Maximizes revenue and identifies opportunities for growth.
  • Creates a best practices territory planning process, exclusively tailored to your organization.
  • Promotes and builds a positive learning forum for each sales team.
  • Helps marketing identify resources and the help needed to achieve objectives.
  • Promotes professionalism and superior levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Helps sales managers become more pro-active coaches.

Benefits to Your Salespeople and Your Sales Teams

  • Maximizes income, production, and personal growth.
  • Engages the team to act as peer coaches. Team presentations increase the likelihood of people achieving their objectives by challenging colleagues to hold each other accountable for team results.
  • Provides focus.
  • Motivates behavior change needed to achieve goals.

Territory Growth Playbook Fact Sheet

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